#Asangostar Why do you choose us?

The products designed, produced and presented by Asan Gostar Industrial Group are considered as a brand among consumers for various reasons. A brand is not just a brand, a brand is the result of customer trust and mutual respect and services in the provider to the good trust of its customers. In this case, we can safely say that the brand is not just a brand but a good feeling and heartfelt trust and good trust That the customer understands. The basis and management principles of the company’s business systems are such that any purchase can be considered an important event that this purchase can be the last purchase and a bitter experience for the customer or can lead to trust in a successful brand and observation. A good result comes from trusting a brand. This is the foundation of building trust that leads to gaining loyal customers.

#Products Shoe polishing machine

Customer service center of the company as well as centers and sales representatives and after-sales service of all manufactured products, warranty and warranty service section of Asan Gostar company











#Managing Director What is important to us

The products of Asan Gostar Industrial Group are evaluated, analyzed, designed, produced and presented according to the welfare needs of the customer. As the largest manufacturer of shoe waxing machines, we have been able to meet many of the needs of customers since 2004. From the very beginning, we have taken a step towards production with the aim of innovation and creativity, and we believed in the principle that we can shine on a large scale through innovation, and in practice, we were able to achieve this and believe that we should and should and Must be dynamic. .

The company’s customer service center, as well as sales and after-sales service centers and representatives of all products, the warranty and warranty service section of Asan Gostar Company meet the needs of dear customers in terms of providing services. We can boldly say that we have met the needs of all our customers from the first working day and presented the first product in the field of sales and after-sales service.

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